As a network of about 50 specialists we work for and with common friends and customers in an international network with common targets in sales & sourcing business. To do that we’re using the commercial ressources of several international consultancies, commercial agencies and service providing companies.

To realise your project our main idea is to integrate maximum face-to-face contacts using a good working common cloud point – which is TEAM! It is an international working partnership – based on trust in good personal relationship.

Please read some general info … how we think about our business:

First of all we learned that in international business people are interested in networks. They usually don´t think in „supplier“ and „customer“ but in „partnerships“. Let us come together and support our common international business!

  • For purchasers: Cut or shorten supply chains.
  • For vendors: Our network will support your approach to foreign markets

Please take the following list as an uncomplete sample of countries where members and friends of
TEAM are in good personal contact to government, adminstration or economy:

  • Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Austria, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
  • Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Turkey
  • Far East: Thailand, India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
  • North America: Canada, USA
  • South America: Brazil, Chile, Mexico
  • CIS: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
  • Africa: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana
  • Australia

Just call us: +49 (160) 732 2200 (altn.: send eMail)