* international consultancy

Actually some of us are thinking about an international consultancy firm which supplies services to small and medium enterprises which normally are too expensive for them – due to the consultancies like KMPG PWC a.s.o. are working for the big players in Industry and international trading for maximum budgets.

Some of the partners can be described as follows:

  • international law and tax law specialist, certified public accountant (Italy and Scotland)
  • strategy consultant (ASEAN, Philippines)
  • export specialist from Germany (dealing with the USA)
  • software specialist (Poland)
  • data protection specialist from Germany (dealing with f.e. ASEAN, CIS)
  • a.s.o. …

A simple example for how this could work: A contractor from Germany does an excellent job in „what ever“. If someone transfers his know how from here to anywhere this should create some jobs and earn some money for the entrepreneurs. The Partners of TEAM inhalt.com (or the future established consultancy firm) can support that „from one hand“ in compliance, technics, sales, marketing, …

No idea where this can end.
Therefor it is a project of the TEAM inhalt.com incubator!