„inhalt“ is the german word for „content“ – and TEAM is a network which shares the knowledge (content) of a TEAM of experts. Some of our partners work internationally and this is how it works:

  • Staff
    We use our international network (customers, partners, collegues, allumni a.s.o.) in a structured way for recruitment. Additionally we offer customized educational solutions. For example we hire service staff for hotels and restaurants in the Philippines and participate in the relocation and education of these employees – as well in the Philippines as on the job in Europe. Of course there are native speakers involved in both scenarios from the EU and the Philippines who participate and support the projects.
  • Compliance
    We support our customers around GDPR, migration regulations, consulate affairs, embargo regulations (like Federal Office for Export Control in Germany) or simple trade law and tax law. Therefore we cooperate with local lawyers, tax consultants or embassy staff. For an example our CEO, Klaus Marwede, works as an EU representative (according to Art. 27 GDPR) for some of our international customers who have to be GDPR compliant in the EU. In another sample case an italian partner is responsible for international tax- and trade law in UK (former teacher at University of Edinborough) and Italy (native).
  • Business operations
    We are experts who love their jobs. We are not simple consultants – which would be quite boring – for us self especially. We want to work in your projects as a part of the staff – e.g. as a project manager. As Theodore Levitt said: „People don’t want to get a quarter-inch drill. They want to get a quarter-inch hole.”.

All of this doesn’t depend on certified skills of anybody but it depends on trust – which is a personal thing. Let us come together and think about common interests and common opportunities.

We support your approach to foreign markets.
We tell you more about best practice when we meet face to face.